One of the most popular burger selections at the restaurants is the No Bull burger. This burger lives up to its name. It goes for $8 and features your choice of toppings, onion, tomato, lettuce, and is cooked to your liking. The average Nacho burger goes for $11 and features grilled onions, jalapenos, sour cream, salsa, and cheddar cheese. The True Grit burger goes for $11 and features tangy barbecue sauce, grilled onions, crispy bacon, and cheddar jack cheese. The bada bing burger is also quite delightful. It goes for $11 and features olives, pepperoncini, sweet roasted peppers, salami, and provolone.

The veggie burger goes for $8 and comes with a topping of your choice. It features spices, chickpeas, roasted vegetables, roasted beets, quinoa, homemade veggie patty, and comes with fries. The Black and Blue burger goes for $10 and features chunky blue cheese, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, and cajun spice. The North Ender goes for $11 and features fresh basil, salami, marinara sauce, and fresh mozzarella. The Achilles meal burger goes for $10 and features pepperoncini, feta cheese, and kalamata olives. The buffalo bill burger goes for $11 and features chunky blue cheese dressing, bacon, grilled onions, swiss, cheese, and medium-heat buffalo sauce.

Side dishes include rice, mashed potatoes, house salad, fries, fresh vegetables, side caesar, side green salad, tots, and coleslaw. Wings or tenders are available for $11 and feature chunky blue cheese dressing, carrot sticks, celery, and 1 Lb. of tenders or wings. This selection comes with an option of either fire, maple sriracha, Thai chili, BBQ, sriracha, golden BBQ, jerk, or buffalo sauce.

In addition to their wide selection of mouth-watering dishes and drinks, Bull McCabe’s is also known for its excellent hospitality (much like First National). The staff is very friendly and always welcomes you with a smile. The chef ensures that you get the best possible meal, while the people serving you do so with a warm smile. The staff is also quite knowledgeable about the menu and are ready to answer any questions you might have. If it’s your first time at Bull McCabe’s and are not sure about what to have for dinner, Bull’s hospitable staff can help you choose something for the evening based on your preference.

You will be hard-pressed to find any place like Bull McCabe’s left in the Boston Metro area. Great food! Great drinks! Great service! It is the perfect place to relax for a drink before 6 pm or 7 pm if you are a drinking enthusiast like yours truly. If it’s music or the great entertainment offered by Bull McCabe’s that you’re looking for, you might want to wait until later on when the live reggae music starts.